Energy Efficiency Services


The #1 goal of Ecogreen Solutions is to provide the maximum Return On Investment, in the quickest way possible to our energy efficiency services customers.

According to Southern California Utility, Ecogreen Solutions have had the highest and most efficient energy savings they’ve seen to date.

And it all comes down to service . . .


Ecogreen Solutions started with a deep background in the various building blocks of the technology that support the complex, computerized, automated, solid-state technology driving energy efficiency products. With more than 15 years prior experience in the semiconductor industry, Ecogreen’s founder took this deep component level knowledge, combined with extensive manufacturing contacts, and began servicing customers looking for high impact energy efficiency solutions and delivering one goal:

Every service element in an energy efficiency project is critical to long term success, which is measured simply by your ability to quickly pay off the initial project and begin benefiting from ongoing savings. This cannot be overstated. In Energy Efficiency Services each piece is interconnected, and the impact of the whole is far greater than the sum of the parts. We identify our services in the following categories:


The foundation of our projects are built on the right consulting. Ecogreen’s ability to understand the project goals correctly and advise our clients on the best practices is critical. Each subsequent step is implementing our consulting in a practical, direct way.

Successful energy efficiency projects are far more than simply replacing one light bulb for another. From the diode level, to the cooling aspects, light diffusion and beam patterns through to the assembly of our products, Ecogreen is experienced and involved at every step.

Another key component of our consulting is helping you navigate your opportunities for Financing. Helping our customers through the process of on-bill financing, state or local incentives, of federal programs is critical to achieving fast ROI.


Here at Ecogreen, we work with our manufacturing partners at the component levels, the essential building blocks that make up these sophisticated energy efficiency products. Ecogreen Solutions` personnel are involved from the concept to the manufacturing process on all our products. We actively collaborate with our manufacturing partners, and our products are designed to a specific spec to ensure the longest life, most efficient, highest quality products on the market.

Ecogreen also has key partnerships with sales and marketing organizations throughout the USA. These rep organizations have extensive experience with the component technology and the history of energy efficiency products, which is crucial to being successful in this market today.

cal-0814-cl3-factory-20Project Management

Project Management isn’t just talent and skill, it is being available. Ecogreen Solutions is headquartered in Orange County, California, directly in the middle of Southern California. Project Management isn’t just talent and skill, it is being available, and Ecogreen Solutions has successfully managed projects throughout the US, from Hawaii to New York.

Our trained Account Specialists build on this foundation to support thousands of applications around your business, neighborhood, cities and residence. With a successful track record of thousands of projects spanning Industrial, Commercial, Municipal, Multi-Site / Franchise, Retail and high end Residential categories.


From the diode level, to the cooling aspects, light diffusions and beam patterns through to the assembly, Ecogreen is constantly investing in staying current with a constantly evolving energy efficiency industry. A key element in our ability to service clients and provide quick ROI is maintaining a strong knowledge base of current products. We combine product familiarity with our experience in completing hundreds of installations to deliver industry leading product solutions.

Our many LED lighting fixtures and “Plug and Play” replacement products cover many options such as: color temperature, beam patterns, motion sensors, input voltages and more. Each facet of the product must fit within the project scope, and maintain performance over the long term.


Our technical background, alongside our extensive experience gives Ecogreen Solutions a unique capacity to design, install, and support various products and custom fabrication for your specific needs. This is more than simply exchanging one technology for another. Many times, real world projects hit unique challenges and require fabrication and custom products.

The difference between a real energy services company and a general contractor is the ability to fabricate real solutions that fit the project scale, the local codes, and the overall project goals. We fabricate (and warranty and support!) our own solutions based on extensive experience and successful project history.


The resources Ecogreen has in the field are unparalleled in the industry. Our goal is to provide a professional, knowledgeable, and trustworthy team that brings the whole project to fruition. We pride ourselves in being a “cut above” our competition by ensuring the talent and resources we use are respectful of your project, your priorities, and your property.

We want this final interaction with you to be courteous,  effective, and impressive. Far from a random group of handyman types showing up at your home or place of business, you will find clean uniforms, clear communication and consistent attention to detail. We pride ourselves on referrals and our reputation.

cal-0814-cl3-factory-02Warranty and Service

Our Post-Installation service is a key difference between Ecogreen Solutions and the other companies competing for your business. Our deep experience with high end properties, large scale municipal and multi site projects REQUIRE excellent warranty and follow up service. Our customers and projects often require us to provide serious after project support, and we believe this sets us apart from all the others.