Anti-Sweat Heat (ASH) Controllers

Evaporation Control Motors (ECM) and Controllers

ASH Controllers

Anti Sweat Heaters (ASH), are commonly used in the retail industry on refrigerator doors to get rid of condensation that builds up on the glass.

In many situations the glass is heated constantly to keep it warmer than the dew point. This avoids fog, but it uses a lot of energy and works directly against the compressor that tries to keep the content cool. ASH controllers will use sensors to only heat the glass when it is really needed, and only heat it just enough to avoid any condensation that occurs. Modern ASH control systems use dew point sensors to monitor the conditions in the air around the refrigerator. A temperature sensor on the glass is then used to adjust the glass temperature to a few degrees above the dew point. In humid climates this can save a lot of energy.

The EcoGreen Solutions ASH Controller solution can monitor the relative humidity and temperature in the surrounding air using a RH/Temp sensor. With this data the dew point can be calculated, and the glass can be heated to a point where fog is not a problem. In addition to the control function, the system can also monitor how often the heater is switched on, which may be useful to detect problems in the system. Using scheduling or other triggering inputs, the ASH function can be turned off during closed hours to further save energy.

ECM Motors and Controllers

The EcoGreen Solutions refrigeration controller allows the user to centralize control of key refrigeration systems and gives the user the ability to manage and schedule operating temperatures and unit defrost times. Energy and operational savings are realized through integration of smart control algorithms which provide optimal compressor control, demand-based defrost functionality and control of evaporator fan speed by interacting with variable speed Electronically Commutated Motors (ECMs).

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