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We have worked in the commercial energy sector for over 10 years, and bring this level of commercial grade experience to your home looking not just at solar, but all of the energy solutions available while leveraging tax incentives and financing programs for homeowners.

Ecogreen Solutions Inc. is an Energy Services Company specializing in helping companies save energy and cut costs, helping companies save energy and cut costs by converting to more energy efficient solutions, often for $0 out of pocket utilizing the utility companies energy efficiency programs.

EcoGreen Solutions is an energy services company and trade professional partner & authorized agent with multiple utilities across the U.S. specializing in helping companies leverage the utility company programs to take advantage of all rebates, incentives & financing available.


Our Energy Efficient

$0 Up Front Cost Energy Efficiency Upgrades

We’ve helped 1000’s of companies save energy and cut costs by upgrading their existing equipment for $0 Up Front Cost utilizing the utility companies’ energy efficiency programs. EcoGreen Solutions is an Energy Services Company, Trade Professional & Authorized Agent with SCE, SDGE, PGE and several others. We specialize in helping companies leverage the utility company programs to take advantage of all the rebates and incentives available. Below are highlights of some of the benefits of the programs & equipment upgrades:

  • Dramatically reduced energy bills across multiple technologies based on your current equipment.
  • We service HVAC, 3-Phase Motors, Refrigeration, Air Compressors, Steam Line Insulation,
    Interior & Exterior Lighting and Artificial Lighting.
  • LED eliminates the high cost of light bulb replacement & maintenance while providing increased safety due to improved light levels.
  • Enhanced value of your property and curbside appeal.
  • No money up front while helping to save the environment.
  • 0% interest fixed financing available.
  • Several substantial tax incentives available for energy efficiency upgrades.
  • All paperwork taken care of by EcoGreen Solutions and full turnkey services available.

We have worked with several cities (Laguna Hills, Laguna Niguel), school districts (Fallbrook, Newport-Mesa, San Jacinto), and large businesses all over the West Coast including Jaguar/Land Rover, Infiniti and Audi, Applebees etc.

We specialize in helping nurseries, farms, high rise buildings, multi-tenant, wastewater treatment plants, ag, food processing, heavy industrial, state and federal customers as well. References available upon request.

Certified with Contractors State License Board CSLB#1005974. © EcoGreen Solutions, Inc. 2017. EcoGreen Solutions, Inc. is a registered trademark. An energy efficiency plan/structure is customized for each home. Overall savings and pricing vary based on location, utility government rebates/rates and overall structure size. Level of savings on your total utility bill is not a guarantee.


The Department of Energy has found that you can save up to 35% annually in energy costs if you increase HVAC energy efficiency by adding or replacing parts. Retrofits put off total upgrades and can improve comfort with consistent temperatures and humidity. You can retrofit both air conditioners and heating equipment.

Led Lighting

LEDs consume up to 90% less power than incandescent bulbs, thus the reason we work with over 15 different manufacturers to offer a variety of comprehensive solutions to fit your business needs. From retrofitting to replacing entire fixtures, on the interior and exterior. LEDs offer a life space of up to 60,000 hours compared to 1,500 hours for incandescent bulbs.


If it has a motor, we can leverage VFDs (variable frequency drives) to offer:

  • Major savings in system motor energy use
  • Reduced wear and tear on the motor
  • More precise levels of controls of applications


We use AntiSweat Heat (ASH) Controllers in order to offer:

  • Use sensors to only heat the glass when it is needed
  • Avoids condensation by heating glass just enough
  • ASH can be turned off when closed to save energy
  • Centralized control of key refrigeration systems
  • Ability to manager and schedule operating temperatures and defrost times
  • Energy and operational savings through integration of smart control algorithms providing optimal compressor control, demand-based defrost functionality, and control of evaporator fan speed by interacting with variable speed ECMs.

Building Envelope

Beyond lights and motors, we look at the overall physical structure of the building including:

  • Window Replacements
  • Window Tints

EV Charging

We Provide All Types of EV Charging Stations. Go Green and Grow With EVs. We can install an EV Charger at your property. 


The tremendous growth in the U.S. solar industry is helping to pave the way to a cleaner, more sustainable energy future. Over the past few years, the cost of a solar energy system has dropped significantly — helping to give businesses access to affordable, clean energy.

Battery Storage

Energy storage systems provide a wide array of technological approaches to managing our power supply in order to create a more resilient energy infrastructure and bring cost savings to utilities and consumers.

Rebates, Incentives, Financing

EcoGreen Solutions is a Trade Professional Partner & Authorized Agent with multiple utilities across the U.S.

We specialize in helping companies leverage utility company programs to take advantage of all rebates, incentives and financing available. In many cases financing is available where the monthly energy savings is equal to the monthly loan payment amount resulting in $0 out of pocket to the customer*.

*Energy savings may vary based on hours of operation, utility rate etc.

Success Stories

The #1 goal of EcoGreen Solutions is to provide the maximum return on investment, in the quickest way possible to our customers. According to the Southern California utility, EcoGreen Solutions has had the highest and most efficient energy savings they’ve seen to date. Our experience and customer service set us apart from all others in the industry. We provide after-project support for all installations.

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